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We are among the largest research networks in Europe. We connect 22 research institutes with a total of 4500 scientists and engineers. They are the authors of many innovative solutions that help you get ahead in business.

our mission

Creative people whit a passion for innovative solutions for the development of the Polish economy.

our specialisation

Directions of research

smart and clean mobility

Research focused on designing modern means of transport together with the necessary infrastructure

digital transformation

Research and development of new technologies for automation and robotics, photonics, artificial intelligence and data science


Research on new materials for medical applications, modern and personalised diagnostics medical therapies

Green and low-emission economy

Sustainable economy and energy related to the growth of the economy’s demand for electricity


What can you gain with us?

team of experts

support of a team of 4500
scientists and engineers

technological facilities

access to over 4000 research devices and services, including many unique ones on a national scale


fast and free development of a
proposal of a technological solution

financing possibility

we help
to obtain financing
from national and international funds


we offer certified testing and services

step by step

Challenge us!

Łukasiewicz will propose a solution to the technological problem reported by the entrepreneur. In this process, we engage the expertise of top scientists and utilize unique research equipment available in the country.

Challenge us

It only takes 5 minutes to fill out a simple


We analyse the Challenge and develop the best solution proposals

Meeting with the client

We present our best solutions, and you decide whether you want to use them


We proceed to implement the project under mutually agreed terms


3 years of Łukasiewicz

Our partners

Who has challenged us?

We are open to cooperation with any entrepreneur, regardless of the size!


Do you have more questions?

If you have unanswered questions please send them to: badania@lukasiewicz.gov.pl

R&D, research, and development mean acquiring know-how concerning products, technologies, or processes and carrying out theoretical analyses, systematic studies, or experiments, including experimental production, technical testing of products or processes, providing necessary equipment, and obtaining intellectual property rights for the results of the works.

We are a public institution, and our main objective is to increase the competitiveness of Polish companies. The whole process of servicing companies within the framework of the Łukasiewicz Challenge System is free. We analyze challenges without charging any fees, prepare solution proposals and organize teleconferences with the participation of the clients and authors of the ideas. The terms of cooperation are only negotiated when the entrepreneur concludes a specific contract for implementing R&D work with the selected team of experts.

Entrepreneurs often know how a problem should be solved but need more resources. In this sense, all you need is an idea, which Łukasiewicz’s scientists and engineers will help to implement.

If you need a solution already developed by Łukasiewicz (a ready product), our staff will contact you within few working days with an offer. It is similar in the case of testing and certification. However, if you are looking for support in an R&D project, you wait typically no longer than a month for our proposals. The timing of the R&D project remains an individual issue – we need to know many parameters to specify this. This is what meetings between Łukasiewicz’s experts and the entrepreneur are for.

Nothing pleases us more than the results of joint works. Every solution developed at Łukasiewicz is intended to benefit the client, and this is most easily achieved by working together at the early stages of a project.

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