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We have the best scientists and unique research equipment unparalleled nationwide. In proposing a solution to your technological problem, we focus on your needs. To tailor our solution proposal as closely as possible, below we outline the process of Łukasiewicz Challenges.

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Our team constantly monitors the instruments for financing R&D work in Poland and Europe. We follow competitions and programmes which could provide financing of a significant portion of the R&D expenses. On behalf of our partners, we also look for consortiums with which they can undertake the most ambitious projects, financed, for example, by Horizon Europe.

The Łukasiewicz network of laboratories carries out a whole range of tests and certifications for almost all industries. If you need this kind of service, contact us using the Challenge form and we will find the right team and infrastructure.

We work for many clients, so a number of technology solutions have already become our standardised products. By working with us, you gain access to the entire range of technology solutions that have already been developed and tested.

Once in a while, we invite our clients to an event entirely dedicated to R&D cooperation. The Łukasiewicz Innovatorium brings together representatives of science and business to identify areas of potential cooperation in the most concrete and direct way possible. Our aim is to create project teams capable of obtaining European funding for the most interesting R&D projects. You are welcome!

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Our areas of activity

What are our areas of activity?

smart and clean mobility

  • electromobility
  • design solutions for means of transport
  • materials with extended functionality
  • robotics and control systems (agriculture, aviation and aerospace technology)

digital transformation

  • automation
  • robotics
  • artificial intelligence
  • data science
  • smart cities and sensor networks


  • biotechnology
  • biomedical engineering
  • medical equipment and technology
  • diagnostic technology
  • development of therapies
  • use of digital technology
    and AI
  • chemical synthesis of active substances
  • preclinical research


  • bioeconomy
  • material recovery
  • closed-loop economy
  • raw material extraction technology
  • waste and waste water treatment
  • eco-design of processes and products
    in the cellulose and paper industry
  • composite and biodegradable materials

people and organisation


Our organisation

With 7000 employees and 22 research institutes located in 12 cities; we are one of the largest research networks in Europe.

We are the part of science that works for entrepreneurship and supports the development of Polish companies. Operating under the Science is Business formula, we meet entrepreneurs and offer solutions that help improve business and create technologies that change reality.

Łukasiewicz is an embodiment of Polish aspirations to be a partner for the best European and global experts, in the worlds of both science and entrepreneurship. As a result of our work, Polish research units are becoming leaders in international R&D projects, and the companies working with them are implementing new technologies faster and more effectively, funded by programmes such as Horizon Europe.


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meet Ignacy Łukasiewicz

Our patron

The patron of our research network is Ignacy Łukasiewicz, born in 1822 in Zaduszniki – Polish pharmacist, entrepreneur, social and patriotic activist, philanthropist and pioneer of the oil industry.


Łukasiewicz, together with Jan Zeh, carried out the world’s first distillation of crude oil using scientific methods.


The first operation using artificial light was carried out in a Lviv hospital. The light was Ignacy Łukasiewicz’s kerosene lamp.


Together with T. Trzecieski, Łukasiewicz founded the first oil mine in Bóbrka near Krosno.


He founded the world’s first oil distillery in Ulaszowice near Jasło.


The Sejm of the Republic of Poland declared 2022 the Year of Ignacy Łukasiewicz.

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