Solid Electro Solution, or specialized protection against electromagnetic radiation

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Researchers at Lukasiewicz – LIT have developed an innovative electromagnetic field shielding material that will be used in the construction, electrical and automotive industries.

The rapid development of technology and the streamlining of many areas of our lives is also associated with the increasing impact and interference of electromagnetic fields (PEM). The source of radiation is any device in which current flows, such as power grids, high-voltage lines, radio stations, television stations, cell phone base stations, radio-navigation equipment, electrical appliances used in the home.

Solid Electro Solution, a product developed by a team of Lukasiewicz – LIT scientists, is an electromagnetic radiation shielding material in a wide range: from a few MHz to several GHz. The formation of a metallic coating on the fibrous surface made imparts electromagnetic properties to the material (including shielding), but also unique antimicrobial characteristics against a wide spectrum of pathogens (bacteria, fungi and viruses).

Where is it worth using shielding material?

The Lukasiewicz-LIT composite material produced by vapor phase metallic coating deposition is aimed at a wide audience.

Public facilities, where there is exposure to electromagnetic fields, including:

  • Public administration units (offices, tax chambers, courts, prosecutor’s offices, server rooms);
  • Health care facilities (hospitals, nurseries) – where additionalatutem są właściwości antymikrobowe opracowanego materiału;
  • collective housing buildings (nursing homes, boarding schools, orphanages).

Military facilities, where materials are needed to protect people from biological hazards and electromagnetic fields, and where materials are used to protect equipment from interference or destruction – especially at airports, radiolocation stations, rocket launchers, supply, communications or transportation.

Electronics and electrical engineering industry, where shielding material will help prevent the undesirable phenomenon of electromagnetic interference.

A good example of the use of PEM shielding is the following medical industry. The functioning of medical implants, such as pacemakers and also insulin pumps and hearing aids, can be subjected to intense electromagnetic fields. In hospitals with a large number of devices that generate electromagnetic radiation, it is important to achieve so-called electromagnetic compatibility to ensure the proper functioning of critical life-saving systems.

Eco-friendly alternative

The screens, which are composites based on fibrous materials with properly applied metallic coatings, are becoming an excellent alternative to all available solutions on the market.

dr Marcin Henryk Kudzin, Łukasiewicz – ŁIT

Our EMF shielding is the most effective and economically most favorable alternative to all current solutions, and forecasts indicate that the value of the market for PEM shielding materials is growing rapidly

Equally importantly from an environmental standpoint, the Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) method used in the project is often referred to as , “green technology” (green technology), as it is a clean, virtually waste-free process with no water and no harmful emissions.

Audience award in the second edition of the Lukasiewicz Accelerator

The product developed by Marcina Henryka KudzinaRenatę Żyłłę and Anetta Walawską won the audience award in the second edition of the Lukasiewicz Accelerator.

Solid Electro Solution team from Lukasiewicz – LIT

The project team is an interdisciplinary group of specialists working together within the Lukasiewicz – LIT Center for Closed Circuit Economy, where they create, among other things, new environmental technologies. 

The originator and leader of the project is dr Marcin Henryk Kudzin. He is the one who creates new plans and is responsible for the strategy and coordination of the entire team.  He is a biochemist by training and has a PhD in chemistry. At Łukasiewicz – ŁIT, he is involved in topics related to exploiting the potential of PVD technology (a technology used to color metal surfaces).

Dr Renata Żyłła She is responsible for the practical implementation of the task. She is a specialist in environmental engineering and a graduate of the Technical University of Lodz. She has carried out a number of projects in the field of wastewater treatment and closure, removal of hazardous substances from water and wastewater as well as waste management.

Dr Anetta Walawska has the most experience in the team in the characterization and production of polymeric fibrous materials, which is supported by numerous implementations. A textile scientist by training. He carries out research and development work in the fields of materials engineering, textile recycling, functional textile products, anhydrous textile technologies in the gas phase. At Łukasiewicz – ŁIT, he is involved in GOZ topics.


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