R&D in Poland: job offers for Ukrainians

Dear Neighbours, Ukrainians

Our hearts and minds for a couple of months are with you. Today, we are your debtors, because you are also fighting for us.

While you write on the pages of history, everyday life goes on a track – children need to learn and adults need to support their families. We know that war is also not your only concern.

If you came to Poland or you will in the near future and you would like to work with us – write to us today. Łukasiewicz is a multidisciplinary research network that is located in 12 polish cities. We employ nearly 7000 workers including Ukrainians.  We deal with R&D in many areas – from logistics and warehousing, aviation technologies, digitization, and microelectronics, through materials science, construction, and energy, to transport and biotechnology.

We are not only open for scientists and engineers but also for workers with experience in the field of production and the support division.

We are waiting for your sign. Please pass this message to people that can be interested in working with us.

We will do our best to give you a good start – also in the field of help with finding a flat or education for children. We also have lawyers ready to support you in formal processes.

Slava Ukraini!

Team of Łukasiewicz

Contact us:

mail: ukraina@lukasiewicz.gov.pl


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