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Ilustracja - Ignacy Łukasiewicz patrzy na stylizowaną drukarkę 3D.

A series of workshops for secondary school students from the Łódź region is being launched in March. The initiative aims to popularise new technologies and encourage young people to take an interest in the world of science.

Young people will have the opportunity to explore science using an interactive application installed on their mobile phones. The initiative is intended to encourage young people to associate their professional life with research and scientific institutions in the future.

- The world of science can be truly fascinating. Through these workshops, we want to show who we are, what we do and how we use modern technologies, while at the same time establishing and developing relationships with young people.

The meetings will take place in laboratories, where participants will perform simple tasks and experiments. Each task will be followed by a short knowledge test, and after all tasks are completed, the app will select the winners.

- The app will make it easier to reach students. It has been designed to allow participants to take part in the workshops interactively and to facilitate the acquisition of scientific knowledge.

In developing the app, we also used artificial intelligence, which allowed us to combine history with modernity. For example, in the app you will be able to see Ignatius operating a 3D printer.

Łukasiewicz – Łódź Institute of Technology is organising the workshop as part of the Social Responsibility of Science.


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