Łukasiewicz strengthens research commitment to climate protection and low-carbon economy

The Łukasiewicz Research Network has become a partner of Knowledge and Innovation Community — Climate (Climate-KIC), one of the communities of the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EIT), operating to support innovation in environmental protection. For Łukasiewicz, participation in the partnership means an increased involvement in research programs that respond to environmental challenges and a greater impact on the future shape of Europe's climate policy.

Climate-KIC is one of the oldest and largest public-private partnerships working for climate protection and a low-carbon economy in the European Union. It initiates and supports initiatives in four priority areas: urban transformation, sustainable production system, sustainable use of Earth resources and financial measures.

Łukasiewicz's accession to Climate-KIC is part of the implementation of our strategy in the field of sustainable economy and energy, giving a unique opportunity to carry out research, scientific and educational projects in consortia with leading research centres, startups and industrial enterprises in Europe. The cooperation will result in strengthening Łukasiewicz's research potential in the field of pro-environmental technologies, which our business partners will be able to use — emphasizes Piotr Dardziński, President of the Łukasiewicz Research Network.

The Łukasiewicz Institutes already successfully implements projects that are in line with the goals of the sustainable development strategy, including the idea of a circular economy. The activities are focused, for example on cleaning technologies and the use of secondary materials, thermal insulation in construction, low-emission aviation and railway drives or biodegradable materials, such as spinning products, packaging, everyday products. The budget of the projects implemented at Łukasiewicz in the research area of “sustainable economy and energy” currently exceeds PLN 600 million.

Funding projects led by Climate-KIC members is carried out under the Horizon Europe programme, and the projects are carried out by international consortia. Membership in the community also gives the opportunity to participate in many educational competitions for students, doctoral students and researchers, start-up development programs, as well as programs supporting the creation and commercialization of innovative solutions.

Together with Łukasiewicz, Łukasiewicz — Institute of Sustainable Technologies from Radom joined the Climate-KIC community, which together with partners will develop the project “Futures Literacy across the Deep-FLxDeep” in 2020.  One of its assumptions is methodological support for the city of Rybnik in creating a vision of the region's development assuming various future scenarios, including, in particular, a scenario assuming development based on a different economic model than the one based on coal.

Climate-KIC is another international organization, after Business & Science Poland (BSP) and EARTO, that enables cooperation of the Łukasiewicz Institutes with European and world leaders. The members of the community include over 300 organizations, including universities, research networks and business represented by companies such as Danone, SUEZ, IKEA and KLM. In Poland, there are 14 partners of Climate-KIC, including the University of Warsaw and the Institute of Geological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.


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