Łukasiewicz — Industrial Automotive Insitute and AUTOSAN will develop an electric bus with an external power source

The National Centre for Research and Development and the Łukasiewicz — PIMOT consortium and Autosan sp. z o. o. signed a co-financing agreement for the amount of over PLN 5 million for the project entitled: "A bus with a rear external electric drive train." Project budget is over PLN 6 million.

The project involves the construction of a I class electric bus with a separated energy source located outside the body. This solution will allow for quick replacement of the energy storage and eliminate the problem of long-term charging. The result of the project may be a response to the needs of bus transport, while increasing bus capacity and passenger safety.

— The state-of-art significantly limits the effective performance of long-distance transport tasks, and even urban transport due to the need for long-term charging of energy storage. Therefore, it is necessary to search for new technical solutions that will reduce vehicle downtime. We hope that the results of the project will not only provide answers to technical questions, but will also lay the foundations for the development of new business models in the field of electric public transport, where it will be possible for transport companies to cooperate with operators-suppliers of energy storage — says Witold Luty, Director of Łuksiewicz — PIMOT.

By building an electric bus with an external energy storage, we want to achieve two goals, i.e. significantly increase the bus range and reduce its operating costs by charging the energy storage at times when the power networks have excess electricity. At the same time, the increased range of the bus and the possibility of replacing the energy storage will allow the use of electric buses not only in urban, but also local, regional and national transport. In addition, there will also be a technical and organizational possibility to separate the passenger transport function in transport companies from the function of providing energy for electric buses. We hope that our product will break the existing barriers to the development of electromobility — says Eugeniusz Szymonik, President of the Management Board of AUTOSAN sp. z o.o.

The Łukasiewicz Research Network — Industrial Automotive Institute conducts research and development works in the field of automotive industry. They include all activities aimed at the improvement of vehicles and their parts, assemblies and equipment. The scope of the Institute's activities includes both vehicle safety issues and the issues of eco-mobility and alternative energy sources.

The Institute is also developing competences in the field of autonomous vehicles. The technical competences of the Institute also allow for testing vehicles intended for uniformed services. Łukasiewicz — PIMOT provides substantive support to state administration bodies implementing strategic goals related to transport safety, environmental protection and national security.

Co-financing for the bus construction project comes from the Intelligent Development Operational Program for 2014-2020, the National Centre for Research and Development.

AUTOSAN sp. z o. o. is one of the oldest enterprises in Poland with 188 years of history. AUTOSAN is mainly a producer of buses intended for public and intercity transport, as well as special buses. In its vehicles, it offers the latest solutions in the field of safety and ecology. AUTOSAN buses with traditional, gas and electric drives are solid and economical, close to the needs of passengers and carriers. The company also manufactures products for the needs of the armed forces, components for rail vehicles and provides a wide range of various industrial services.


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