Scientific Shield: Łukasiewicz free to start testing for coronavirus

Łukasiewicz — The Polish Centre for Technology Development PORT in Wrocław is ready to perform tests for coronavirus. The test result will be known after a few hours. If necessary, the laboratory will be able to test a maximum of 1000 samples per day.

— Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is a great challenge for all scientists today. The Łukasiewicz Institute from Wrocław has established cooperation with the Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in order to support the activities limiting the epidemic with its experience and infrastructure. It is an element of the Scientific Shield built by scientists from many Łukasiewicz research institutes against the effects of coronavirus in Poland — said Piotr Dardziński, President of the Łukasiewicz Research Network.

Łukasiewicz — The Polish Centre for Technology Development PORT conducts daily scientific research in the field of biotechnology and materials engineering. Therefore, it has modern equipment and infrastructure necessary for highly specialized laboratory diagnostics, and has appropriately experienced and trained staff. Thanks to this, the institute, acting in cooperation with the WSSE, has the opportunity to perform diagnostic tests for coronavirus in its laboratories at ul. Stabłowicka 147 in Wrocław.

— We are operationally ready to start performing tests, but we will adapt the scale of the tests carried out strictly to the needs of Sanepid (Sanitary Epidemiological Service). We will be able to increase the number of tested samples even overnight, if necessary — said Dr. Andrzej Dybczyński, Director of Łukasiewicz — PORT. 

Biological material samples taken from patients, also in infectious diseases hospitals, will be delivered to the institute directly by Sanepid. From the obtained material, Łukasiewicz — PORT will first isolate the nucleic acid (RNA) of the virus, and then carry out real time genetic tests — PCR. A positive or negative test result will be known after 6 hours. Currently, the ŁUKASIEWICZ — PORT laboratory is able to confirm or exclude infection even in several hundred people a day. However, depending on the demand, it would be possible to perform up to 1,000 tests a day. According to the data of the Lower Silesian Marshal's Office, up to 1,000 tests a day are currently carried out in the province.


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