Scientific Shield: Łukasiewicz scientists have built a prototype of a "last chance" respirator

WentILOT 1.0 pressure ventilator in the coming days will be ready for medical tests. After a positive result and a directional decision of the Ministry of Development, it will be possible to start the production of equipment.

The design assumptions of the ventilator were consulted with the employees of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy of the Children's Memorial Health Institute.

Our respirator will not replace a professional, technologically advanced device that allows for full therapy. However, it can be helpful in countries where the health care situation is difficult or in other extreme circumstances related to the epidemic, leading to a temporary shortage of equipment — says the author of the solution, Dr. Eng. Łukasz Czajkowski, who works with a team led by MSc. Agnieszka Sobieszek from Łukasiewicz — ILOT.

The project is implemented on the initiative and with the support of the coordinating team operating at the Ministry of Development.

Technical tests of the equipment should end in the coming days. Once they are completed, WentILOT 1.0 will be able to undergo clinical tests, which allow it to obtain appropriate certificates and the status of a medical device.


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