The main areas of the group's activities are focused on bioeconomy and material recovery, i.e. the main components of the so-called Circular Economy. As part of this subject, we carry out works leading to the development of technologies for obtaining raw materials, waste and wastewater treatment, eco-design of processes and products in the pulp and paper and packaging industries, as well as the production of composite and biodegradable materials.

The work carried out in the field of nanotechnology for renewable energy and for the transformation, storage and rationalization of energy management is difficult to overestimate. An important aspect is works related to energy security, including the production of energy from renewable sources, as well as prosumer energy, energy from waste and alternative fuels, and technologies for photovoltaic devices.

Innovations in this area also apply to sustainable agriculture and construction of the future, including in the area of innovative wood and wood-based products, individualization of furniture production, and the design and manufacture of agricultural machinery, organic and mineral fertilizers, as well as production, storage and processing of agricultural products.

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