It means research and development of new technologies, diagnostics and therapy, the production of medicinal products as well as medical equipment and techniques. The group's areas of activity relate to the entire production process of medicinal products for generic and original (innovative) drugs technology and include:

  • chemical synthesis of active substances;
  • preclinical studies with toxicology, bioavailability and bioequivalence;
  • development of a technology for the production of a drug form and analytical research;
  • marketing authorisation;
and all stages of the development of a medical device and apparatus:
  • designing;
  • prototyping;
  • testing safety and preparing the required technical documentation.

Innovation in health is research on new materials for medical applications, modern and personalized diagnostics and medical therapies based on protein engineering and the use of artificial intelligence and biosensors. In addition, we also focus on the development of advanced methods and tools influencing the improvement of management efficiency and logistics processes in health centres, for example by creating computer applications, expert systems and advanced databases.

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