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High-budget projects, state-of-the-art equipment and international research teams – join Łukasiewicz!

work on ambitious
and prestigious R&D projects

We carry out ambitious research projects on a large, international scale and with high commercialisation potential.

you will stand shoulder to shoulder
with excellent scientists

4500 experts in various fields already work with us.

State-of-the-art research equipment
unique on a national scale

We work in 400 laboratories across Poland. Many of them are the best equipped research facilities in the country.

at the European level

Competitive salaries, comparable to those in other research units in Europe. Bonuses for commercialisation of R&D work.

many opportunities
for professional development

Implementation doctorates, Łukasiewicz Accelerator and numerous internal talent development programmes.

of employee benefits

Financing of healthcare and sports activities, as well as additional insurance packages are our standards.


We support your ideas

With us, you can develop and finance your own R&D projects through a number of internal Łukasiewicz’s programmes, including:

Łukasiewicz Accelerator

Łukasiewicz Accelerator At Łukasiewicz, we support entrepreneurial teams in setting up capital companies. Thanks to a carefully prepared program, Accelerator participants learn how to set up and run their own companies from the best business professionals. At the end of each edition, we organize a public Demo Day, during which teams present themselves to experts, investors, and the media.

Programmes of Łukasiewicz

Programmes of Łukasiewicz Within this activity, we finance promising R&D projects in areas crucial for developing the Polish economy. Which original solutions will receive significant financial support depends on the determination of our employees.

Challenges of Łukasiewicz

Thanks to the Łukasiewicz Challenge system – our original tool for connecting scientists with business – each Łukasiewicz employee can propose their own solutions to problems raised by entrepreneurs, which are then discussed at expert panels. Each week, we process about 10 challenges of companies.

Base of sources of financing

The base of sources of financing A team of over a dozen people is dedicated to finding funding opportunities for our researchers’ ideas daily. Thanks to them, you can work on their development without worrying about budget issues.

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