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Warsaw Industry Week 2022 has begun in Nadarzyn, near Warsaw, Poland, with 15 institutes once again presenting their products and services at the joint booth of the Lukasiewicz Research Network.

This is the sixth edition of the Warsaw Industry Week International Trade Fair for Innovative Industrial Solutions. The event – one of the fastest growing exhibition conferences – features nearly 300 companies whose innovative products are used in the production cycle of many heavy industries.

How to shape productivity with Industry 4.0 instruments?

The opening conference in Nadarzyn was attended by the president of the Łukasiewicz Research Network, Piotr Dardzinski. In his opening speech, he explained how Łukasiewicz’s activities affect the productivity of the Polish economy.

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Our products and services for modern industry

Once again this year, 15 institutes are presenting their products and services at the joint booth of the Lukasiewicz Research Network. You can find the booth and representatives of our institutes at the Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn in hall C (booth number – C2.62).

Łukasiewicz – Industrial Institute for Automation and Measurements demonstrates the MTP Medal-winning robotic palletizing system, which is each time designed and built for specific applications such as in food coolers, glass factories or dusty industrial halls. Researchers from Łukasiewicz – PIAP use their own solutions and equipment from renowned manufacturers to create installations that respond to the individual needs of manufacturers, which not only relieve people from hard, monotonous and dangerous work, but increase production efficiency.

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Łukasiewicz – Institute of Heavy Organic Synthesis “Blachownia” introduces a new technology for producing PPS, a unique engineering polymer for the automotive, electronics and machinery industries. Its uniqueness comes from its natural non-flammability and high resistance to solvents, including even concentrated acids. On top of that, it can be recycled, which puts this plastic in the ecological trends. The production technology makes it possible to obtain PPS with unique mechanical properties and high thermal resistance.

Łukasiewicz – Tele and Radio Research Institute is a research and development institute that conducts work in the field of printed circuit technology used in the medical, energy, military, aerospace or aerospace industries. During the fair, representatives of the institute are presenting a number of technologies and designs with, among other things, the use of ultrasonic effects being developed.

Scientists from Lukasiewicz – Institute of Organic Industry offer analytical and control testing of anti-electrostatic materials and products, and also provide advice and training in static electricity protection enhancing fire safety in industry, among other things.

Łukasiewicz – Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG presents IT, cyber security and data analytics solutions.
CUBE – The Security Services Center is a comprehensive IT security service in the form of a 24/7 operations center. It provides monitoring of the status of IT infrastructure and devices, fast and efficient analysis of events and incident response.
The ITSEF (IT Security Evaluation Facility) laboratory conducts rigorous analysis and security testing of software, hardware and hardware-software components
Lukasiewicz – EMAG also offers testing of “smart” products as part of the work of the Radio and Wireless Communications Laboratory, as well as advanced data analysis services and decision support systems.

Łukasiewicz – Lodz Institute of Technology presents a whole spectrum of innovative products developed by scientists from Lodz. One of them is a shielding composite material, or shields against electromagnetic fields, which simultaneously exhibit antimicrobial and flame-retardant properties. Another example is a multifunctional seat for people with disabilities, which, made of knitted fabric that dissipates static electricity, can provide protection at workstations. The knitted fabric has no sensitizing, skin irritating or cytotoxic effects. Biodegradable protective mask made on the basis of biopolymers of natural origin filters particles about 98%, and is biodegradable after use. Among the projects being developed by Łukasiewicz – ŁIT are also building materials from mycelium cultured on industrial-agricultural waste, and technology for producing a biocomposite for protecting and stimulating plant growth in organic agriculture.

Łukasiewicz – Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals during Warsaw Industry Week, among other things, is showcasing its high-performance 3D printing technology using a copper-based wire feed, which makes it possible to produce complex-shaped parts without porosity, including relatively large parts at low feedstock costs.

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Łukasiewicz – Krakow Institute of Technology demonstrates kits for testing the corrosive effect of machining fluids, which will eliminate corrosive fluids, thereby increasing the service life of tools and equipment, i.e. saving money. The functional prototype of the “AS one” laser sensor is another Lukasiewicz product – KIT – the sensor monitors dust concentrations at workplaces to protect the health and lives of workers. Researchers are also working, among other things, on technology for manufacturing functional composite materials, optimization of technology for manufacturing components and structures by 3D printing (SLS/SLM), or technology for sliding and rolling surface burnishing with proprietary burnishing tools.

Lukasiewicz – Institute of Electrical Engineering presents an electric vehicle charging station with a charging power of 22 kW, which is designed for public use. It is equipped with a durable housing to protect against vandalism, and can operate in freezing temperatures (- 20 ˚C) and in hot weather (+ 45 ˚C). Another proposal from Lukasiewicz – IEL is universal heating elements in the form of panels, mats and cables for wide use in industry.

Łukasiewicz – Welding Institute at the fair, presents technology for increasing the fatigue strength of welded joints using impact machining.

Łukasiewicz – Institute of Electrical Drives and Machines KOMEL presents an electric drive design for a zero-emission bus with a battery in the chassis. The innovation is the whole engine, which is new to the Polish market. Also on display at the fair is the Scartt electric sport and recreation vehicle, which can be implemented in uniformed services, e.g. for noiseless and hard-to-detect thermal equipment border patrolling or other such special tasks.

Lukasiewicz – Institute of Precision Mechanics demonstrates composite nickel coatings for the automotive, aerospace and military industries, which, having increased hardness and wear resistance, can be an alternative to chrome coatings, for the manufacture of which harmful compounds are used.

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Another item in the catalog of innovative solutions from Łukasiewicz -IMP is thermal spraying technology used to apply anti-corrosion, technical coatings with special properties and decorative coatings. Thermal sprayed coatings make it possible to impart high functional properties to the surfaces of parts, often difficult or even impossible to achieve with other technologies.

Lukasiewicz – Poznan Institute of Technology during the fair, supports Polish entities active in the area of digital transformation acting as coordinator of the Digital Transformation Industry Contact Point (BPK TC) by facilitating the acquisition of funds from the Horizon Europe Framework Program for research and implementation of innovative solutions.
Besides, Lukasiewicz – PIT presents products whose manufacture is the result of implementation cooperation between the Metal Forming Center and specific industrial companies in the areas of rotary forming, powder sintering and forging.
Poznan Laboratory of Radio Technology and Electromagnetic Compatibility presents services in the field of electromagnetic compatibility testing, i.e. testing the resistance of devices to electromagnetic interference on the one hand and the non-emission of such interference on the other. The laboratory operates in accordance with EU standards, which is confirmed by the Polish Accreditation Center.

Lukasiewicz – Institute of Exploitation Technology presents, among other things, a stand for the creation of sets for multispectral and hyperspectral imaging, i.e., those that record not only in the visible light range, but also microwaves, far and near infrared and ultraviolet. The stand makes it possible to create models of research methods, develop analytical algorithms for these methods and construct analytical systems using such imaging.

Another innovation proposed by Lukasiewicz – ITeE is PVD-coated cutting tools, i.e. special-purpose tools operating in extremely harsh conditions. Coatings applied to tools at the Surface Engineering Center are only 3-5 μm thick, but are characterized by increased hardness and reduced abrasive wear. Such tools will find use in the engineering, automotive, aerospace, tooling, foundry, plastic and rubber processing, as well as paper and woodworking industries.


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