ŁUKASIEWICZ at the Economic Forum in Krynica

Beata Kapusta 3 September 2019 September 11th, 2019 No Comments

Every year at the beginning of September, the attention of the media and public opinion in Poland is focused on the Economic Forum in Krynica. It is an annual international meeting of representatives of the economic, business and political circles from Central and Eastern Europe.

This year’s edition was an event the ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network just could not miss. On the first day, President Piotr Dardziński took part in the panel: ‘Education + Economy = Development’, where representatives of business, science, local government and politics debated on what to do to make science work closer with business so that this cooperation was effective and beneficial for both sides. The conclusion and effect of the discussion was Piotr Dardziński’s invitation addressed to entrepreneurs to do business with ŁUKASIEWICZ.
In addition to the panel discussions, presentations and conferences, the Economic Forum in Krynica involves dozens of talks with potential trading partners and media representatives.
Please be invited to listen to one of them, published on the INTERIA website, in which, with reference to the statement that Europe is losing technological competition to the U.S. and China, Piotr Dardziński pointed to the huge potential for acquiring significant funds for Poland that is offered by the Horizon Europe initiative, and presented ŁUKASIEWICZ and the results of five-month work. “We do not want money, we want challenges and partners who will come to us and will stay with us,” he said.